Naturel Promise Our Promise: Natural Ingredients, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Healthy Products
About Us

About Us

Cosmos Corporation was established in 1979 to service the liquid application needs of the pet industry. In 1990, Cosmos bought a manufacturing company that had been making products for the beauty care industry since 1963. In 1991, Cosmos launched our first line of “Natural” pet products. With the knowledge we have gained through the years, our products have become one of the leading natural grooming products for pets year after year. 

The Naturel Promise

Natural Ingredients

  • We strive to source the highest quality natural ingredients for all of our products
  • Our ingredients are renewable and plant-based 

Eco-Conscious Packaging

  • Naturel Promise sleeves are made from an ingenious, plant-based  biopolymer, making them 100% natural and renewable
  • Our bottles consist of at least 25% recycled materials

Healthy Skin and Coat

  • The health and wellness of your pet is at the heart of everything we do